Map Ta Phut Tank Terminal Co., Ltd.

         "Map Ta Phut Tank Terminal" (MTT) is a commercial port and storage terminal, dedicated for liquid and gaseous petrochemical products. MTT was established in 1995, is located on the East side of Map Ta Phut Port, Rayong province, Thailand. The company is owned and operated by Map Ta Phut Tank Terminal Company Limited as one of SCGC subsidiaries.
          MTT terminal, comprising of 4 marine jetties and 33 storage tanks, is able to support more than 20 varieties of petrochemical products. The operation is controlled by a Distributed Control System (DCS) which has been installed to enable operators to centralize the process controls and continuously monitor all the operations from a single room. This system has been implemented to ensure the safety and efficiency of the operation since its first start.

       Charts : The port area is shown on Royal Thai Navy (RTN) Chart no. 157 with the approaches on RTN chart 141 and on British Admiralty (BA) chart 3966 respectively.
       Anchorage : An anchorage area (Harbour Department Announcement No. 447/2537 dated 27.9.94) exists, covering a circular area width 1 nautical mile radius around

Latitude : 12 Degrees 35.0 Minutes North
Longitude : 101 Degrees 13.5 Minutes East

For any vessel which has arrival draft exceeding 10.5 m., berthing time will depend on government pilot's consideration for safety, with concern of the tide level in arrival period.
       Approaches : The distance from the Fairway Buoy to the harbour's Western breakwater is 2 nautical miles. The minimum width of the approach channel is 250 m. and the water depth is 13.0 m reduced to Lowest Low Water (LLW). The water depth in the Berth box for jetties no.1, No.2, No.3, and No.4 is 15.5 m., 10.4 m., 11.1 m., and 8.5 m. respectively.
       Restrictions : The minimum under-keel clearance is required by the Pilot Office at 10 percents of vessel's static draft at all times.
       Weather :
          Tidal Conditions : The tidal factors in Map Ta Phut Port have been reviewed and set out as follows :

Highest Astronomical Tide (HAT) + 3.5 m.
Mean Higher High Water (MHHW) + 3.0 m.
Mean High Water (MHW) + 2.8 m.
Mean Sea Level (MSL) + 2.2 m.
Mean Low Water (MLW) + 1.6 m.
Mean Lower Low Water (MLLW) + 1.4 m.
Lowest Astronimical Tide (LAT) + 0.5 m.
Chart Datum Line (C.D.) +/-0.0 m.

          Tidal Currents : Tidal and the permanent coastal currents off the East Reclamation flow in an East-West direction across the outer channel. Current measurements at the 10-meter contour adjacent to the outer navigation channel indicate the maximum current velocities as shown below.

Ebb tide : Easterly direction at 0.4 Knots to 0.6 Knots
Flood tide : Westerly direction at 0.6 Knots to 0.8 Knots

          Wave Motion : According to the wave analysis, in the outer channel, the waves higher than 1.5 m occur for 1.5% of the year, and greater than 1.0 m for 9.0% of the year. In general, the critical wave height in terms of efficient and safe cargo handling inside the port is less than 0.5 m or 2 feet. The inner harbour is protected by the West break water.
          Wind direction :
Period Predominant directions
November to January : N.E.and Variable
February to March : South and East
April : Variable
June to October : S.W. Monsoon

Mean monthly wind speed of 13.9 km/hr or 3.9 m/sec - Weak breeze Mean of maximum velocity of 135.3 km/hr or 37.6 m/sec - Typhoon in November from the North.

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